Everything New Motorcyclists Should Know

I can’t wait to get on my motorcycle for the first time. I bought a 2017 Harley-Davidson Iron 883.  It was the first Wisconsin snowstorm of the 2016-2017 winter when I walked into the dealership to chat about buying a motorcycle.  With the snow falling, it was difficult to imagine me riding a motorcycle.  That did not quell my kid-like excitement to get on the bike.   Alas, I had to wait at least until April to get the motorcycle (more on why below).

As I headed home with the same can’t-wait excitement (that hasn’t waned in the four months since), I thought about what I need to know as a new motorcyclist. I guess this should be titled what I don’t yet know, but hope to after I become a skilled rider. That’s not so catchy now is it?  My hope here is to come back after gaing some experience and skill and see if my assumptions are correct. The disclaimer here is I’m coming from the bicycling world and this may impact my thoughts, but this leads to the first item on this guide:

Riding a Motorcycle is nothing like riding a bicycle
In some respects, it is like riding a bicycle, isn’t it? I’m guessing speed, bike weight, and areas of travel will play major factors here in making this true.

Safety is the most import factor while riding a motorcycle
I’m guessing fun will be part of it, but a tragic crash will put a damper on that.

Every Motorist is out to kill you
Hey, it feels like this while riding a bicycle, why not equally as true while riding a motorcycle?  I feel pretty invisible to motorists as a cyclist, I’m guessing this will be equally as true while on a motorcycle.

Rain is going to hurt at high speeds
Rain at 15 mph on a bicycle doesn’t feel like a warm shower, especial in near freezing temps.  I’m guessing at greater speeds on a motorcyle isn’t going to tickle.

Laying down the bike is not a matter of if, but when 
I’ll take every measure to prevent this, but I know very well that I’m not invincible.  Even more so as a new rider.

It’s going to be a shit-ton of fun
Of this, I have no doubt


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