I learned how to ride a bike at a very young age.  I’ve had forays into other activities (some quite healthy and others not so), but ever since I was able to pedal without falling over, the bicycle has been the solution to every conundrum I’ve ever had. It took far too long for me to make that connection.

The bicycle has has taken me on numerous adventures from ocean shores to 6000-foot mountain passes.  When I buy a motorcycle in March 2017,  I’ll kick my two wheel adventure up a notch with a bit of motorcycle fun between my legs.

Why am I making this transition?  Well, simply, for adventure. I’ll never stop riding a bicycle.  It’s my first and true two wheel love.  The motorcycle is an extension of my love for all two-wheeled transportation.

Logan Pass - Glacier National Park
At the top of Logan Pass in Glacier National Park

This blog will touch on why I chose a certain motorcycle to ride, learning to ride a motorcycle, how to safely ride a motorcycle, the differences and similarities between cycling and motorcycle riding, and, most importantly, all the adventures along the way. What I hope you’ll see in early post on this blog is a ton of cycling adventure-related images and posts.  As my motorbike adventures increase, I hope to have a balance of the two. Maybe one will overtake the other at times, but there will be many adventures along the way.